Inge Hoonte
writer, sound and performance artist
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A Voyage of Discovery
Dear Philip E. Agre
Captain Tweet
I Was 28 in 1923
Someone's Always Missing Somewhere
Of Course I Dreamed About You
The Distance in Between

Of Course I Dreamed About You is a series of short stories about the interactions I've had with various people in my dreams. Written in a factual, documentary style, they reminisce a slightly surreal shared experience.

Some were printed as a chapbook for a group show at the McDade residence in Portland, OR, Summer 2007. The dark blue background is an enlarged pixelated detail of the Portland sky at night. One particularly disorienting story was featured in POLVO Magazine, Summer 2008, Chicago, IL. Another three were part of a public postcard project by Angela Mobley, and inserted between commercial postcards in the racks of various stores around Chicago, free for the public to take.

The concept was then further developed in collaboration with Mark Gallay and Noe Kidder, and performed live as an associative conversation on Neighborhood Public Radio at the Whitney Biennial, 2008.